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Bikinis made and designed in Brasil, the top tropical design in the world. The sustainable fabric is made with the Amni Soul Eco biodegradable fiber. 

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Beaded jewerly or "miçangas" the handcrafted glass pearls typical from indigenous communities made by women from the Embera Chami community

Conscious and sustainable

Aymê is a social impact and sustainable brand. Our dream is to build a world where  all 

purchases contributes for a better world. Eighty per cent of the collection 2021 is made with the Amni Soul Eco technology, which are fabrics that will decompose in 4 years in a sanitary landfill (instead of 50 years for a ordinary nylon). You just have to throw your bikini in an undifferenciated garbage when the life cycle of your bikini is over. The production is made with reused water and saving energy system. We don't circulate plastic and all packaging is made in recycled paper. The  Amni Soul Eco biodegradable fabric is certified Oeko-Tex.  Besides that, our collections gives work to woman in vulnerable communities. In our first year, we started working with indigenous artisans in South America, adding their beautiful handmade jewerly to our swimwear, as a way to promote their culture and encourage economic empowerment. The Embera woman are responsible for producing  the jewerly in our Bikinis, which comes signed by the woman who made it. 


"My name is Gladys Nacavera, i'll explain our work. This is called Okama, pure handmade work. I was taught this work by my parents, my grandparents, my mother, and i have to teach to these girls, because we can't lose our culture. We have to maintain the culture, the dressing, the dialect, the painting. The young people these days don't care for culture, and that's why as my ancestors taught, i have to teach them."

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